San Antonio Window Tint prides itself on utilizing C-Bond glass strengthening technology in all our window film projects. This technological advancement penetrates glass deep into its pores in order to actually change the molecular structure of your existing glass. When paired with any window film product, C-Bond enhances your glass’ strength and flexibility. This amazing product prolongs product life and improves overall glass strength in San Antonio businesses.

Benefits of C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for Your San Antonio Business

C-Bond glass strengthening agent is powered by nanotechnology engineered to improve glass’ shatter resistance as well as add durability and flexibility. C-Bond is applied prior to any window film product to enhance your existing glass and to provide an excellent commercial primer for your investment. When window film and C-Bond are combined, your San Antonio business will experience superior glass strength, quicker installation and curing times, as well as improved structural integrity. We utilize this amazing product with every window film project, particularly security film projects to ensure comprehensive protection. When combined with multiple layers of security film, C-Bond creates ballistic-resistant and bomb-blast security systems for your San Antonio business. C-Bond is utilized in more and more schools, secured buildings, and businesses in order to add high impact resistance against hail, high speed winds, and natural disasters.

Installation Process for C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for San Antonio Businesses

C-Bond comes in a liquid form that is applied directly to your original glass surfaces prior to any window film installation. It can be combined with any window film product, making your investment last longer while adding protection benefits to your San Antonio business. For proper ballistic-resistant and bomb-blast security window film systems, C-Bond glass strengthening agent must be installed first.

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