Decorative Window Film For San Antonio

Decorative film does wonders for your home or business. It is a fresh new way to increase both the form and function of the windows and other glass surfaces in your San Antonio home or office.  You will find it to be an easy, affordable and inventive way to bring your design vision to life and, since it offers varying degrees of transparency, you can customize it to compliments any design style old and new.   Read below for 5 ways decorative window film will benefit your San Antonio home or workspace.

Adds Interior Style:  Decorative window film is a great choice for changing your interiors from something ordinary to extraordinary.  It comes in a huge variety of colors, textures, and styles, and is easily customized to your needs.

Increases Privacy:  Whether you live or work in San Antonio,  decorative window film is the perfect way to add privacy:  outside or inside. It works on private areas like the bathrooms or bedrooms in homes but it also functions as a way to give open offices with lots of glass private meeting or working areas.

Hides Mundane Views:  Not all windows come with a gorgeous view, which is why decorative window film is a perfect addition to hide ugly views from your home or office windows. The best part is should you ever want to see out of the window or change up the design, decorative window film is easily removed.

Mimics Textured Glass:  Glass with textured finishes are a nice addition to homes and offices but often cost-prohibitive. Also, making permanent changes to an architectural feature like a window where you live or work is not always an option/ Decorative window film gives your space that high-end textured glass look at a fraction of the cost and is easily removed.

Diffuse Harsh Glare:  In today’s trends of open layouts in homes and offices, light can be both an asset and an enemy.  At certain times of day, light is too harsh and must be filtered. Window film is the perfect way to allow in some natural light while diffusing the glare and blocking UV rays.

Watch the video below to learn about decoration and branding window film

decorative window film san antonio

San Antonio Window Tint For Your Custom Decorative Window Film Needs

At San Antonio Window Tint we are experts on decorative film.  We will walk you through the myriad of design and function options available to you and even have options for custom decorative films too  For more information, contact us directly to set up a consultation today!.


Mike Kinsey has been installing window film in the San Antonio area for over a decade. He has experience working on a wide range of projects, including those involving residential, commercial, industrial, public, and government buildings. During his time working as the Operations Manager for San Antonio Window Tint, he has installed an estimated 250,000 square feet of window film. In addition to site management, Mike also oversees critical operation such as sales, training, and customer relations. He has completed numerous professional development courses and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.