San Antonio’s climate consists of mild winters and scorching, humid summers. An easy way to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year is by installing window film in San Antonio homes and buildings. Below, we’ve discussed why window film is a great investment for summer.


The Benefits of Installing Window Film in San Antonio Properties

Although window films have several benefits, we will share the top two. Let’s have a look at them!


Energy Saving

One of the most significant problems that homeowners deal with during the summer is high energy costs. This is usually caused by windows that have  little or no insulation. Hot air constantly infiltrates the room, causing cooling systems to work harder and use more power. As a result, homeowners experience a spike in their electricity bill during the summer. 

Window film can prevent this from happening by boosting the insulating power of your windows. Spectrally selective technology keeps heat out, allowing the interior to stay cool. Your air conditioning turns on less often and you save money.

In fact, the savings are so significant that many homeowners experience a full ROI in just 36 months. 


Heat Reduction

Installing a window film in San Antonio properties is a great way to keep your space cool and comfortable. Window film reduces summer heat gain by substantively cutting down on infrared light. Moreover, it will not let the cool and airy environment you have maintained in your space escape from the window. 


Winding Up

The energy-saving and heat reduction benefits of window films attract many homeowners. Plus, the available options are pocket-friendly, so homeowners don’t have to invest a lot of money upfront. While new windows are notoriously expensive, window tints are an economical option that won’t’ break the bank or cause unnecessary financial stress. This is why window films are a great option for San Antonio homes. 


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Mike Kinsey has been installing window film in the San Antonio area for over a decade. He has experience working on a wide range of projects, including those involving residential, commercial, industrial, public, and government buildings. During his time working as the Operations Manager for San Antonio Window Tint, he has installed an estimated 250,000 square feet of window film. In addition to site management, Mike also oversees critical operation such as sales, training, and customer relations. He has completed numerous professional development courses and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.