San Antonio hospitals should always be ready for any unknown potential threat. The alarming amount of hospital attacks across the globe are consistently escalating making it a requirement to heighten security measures regardless of location. Security system upgrades can be out-of-budget, making safety options hard to find and scarce. Window film provides the ultimate protection against the unknown at an affordable, reasonable price.

Advantages of Window Film for San Antonio Hospitals

Privacy window tinting offers patients and staff members the seclusion and comfort they require for proper recovery and work productivity. By providing privacy, San Antonio hospital rooms and work spaces will have optimize comfort alongside another layer of safety. With proper privacy window film, assailants and burglars won’t be able to peek inside to see what medications and equipment is left unattended. Safety and security film provides premium security for patients and employees against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. Bomb blast film and ballistic resistant film provides ultimate protection against high impact events like explosions and gunfire. Incorporating these specialty security films into the most vulnerable parts of your hospital can save potential lives and lower risk of injury.

Window Film Installation Process for Your San Antonio Hospital

Privacy window tinting can be completed quick and easy with a free consultation that determines your priorities and requirements. We ensure a stress-free installation process that minimizes unnecessary downtime. We provide a threat assessment for any security film inquiry to analyze vulnerable building points, provide a proper cost-benefit analysis, and give you a complete estimate. Security film installation may require glass primers/strengtheners and/or attachment systems to be fully effective.

For more information regarding privacy window tinting or safety and security window film systems for your San Antonio hospital, please contact us or give us a call at: (210) 859-1144