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Vandalism and graffiti are issues with any large city, and San Antonio is no different. This troubling issue plagues schools, businesses, mass transit systems, and other commercial properties throughout the San Antonio area. The costs tied to vandalism are often out-of-budget preventing building owners from being able to present the best image of their business or property to customers. Anti-graffiti film presents an affordable solution for commercial property owners to protect their costly investments and minimize repair and replacement costs.

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About Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film is a specialty window film that can be installed on a wide variety of smooth, nonporous surfaces including metal, mirrored, and glass. There are even custom surface options for nontraditional surfaces that happen to be prone to vandalism as well. Anti-graffiti film works by mimicking the original surface, concealing any existing damage, and protecting against new vandalism attempts.

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Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film for San Antonio Properties

Anti-graffiti film presents numerous benefits for San Antonio properties, providing comprehensive protection and peace-of-mind for property owners, including:

  • Can save up to thousands on repair and replacement costs
  • Conceals all previous damage including deep acid etching
  • Conceals damaged or corroded mirror or metal surfaces
  • Protects against further vandalism and corrosion
  • Available in different metal finishes in addition to mirrored and glass surfaces
  • Can be custom printed to match any surface or appearance
  • Strong enough to defend against acid
  • Sacrificial layer that’s easy to remove and replace by professionals
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