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Ballistic-Resistant Window Film for San Antonio Commercial Properties

Unfortunately Texas is very familiar with shootings and domestic attacks. As the conversation of safety has been changing over recent years, it’s pertinent for San Antonio commercial property owners to consider better safety protocols and measures to ensure safety among our community. Ballistic-resistant film provides ultimate protection against gunfire and other impact events. This cost-effective solution is cheaper than bulletproof glass but just as effective.

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About Ballistic-Resistant Window Tint Systems

Ballistic-resistant window film systems are an innovative security film technology that utilizes a technological advancement called C-Bond. This special priming agent adds strength and flexibility to original glass surfaces. C-Bond penetrates deep into the molecular level of glass where it reconfigures the internal structure of the glass into a more web-like design. This web-like design enhances the glass, making it stronger and more resistant to shattering from high impact events. When combined with multiple layers of security film and an attachment system, C-Bond systems are so effective that they resist extreme levels of energy such as gunfire.

Benefits of Ballistic-Resistant Window Film for San Antonio Properties

Due to their extreme effectiveness, ballistic-resistant window film has now become a requirement in many school districts, military bases, and public buildings throughout the nation. Ballistic-resistant window film can provide your San Antonio many advantages including:

  • Protects glass surfaces from stray golf balls, rocks, construction equipment, and much more
  • Mitigates broken glass hazards from gunfire, explosives, and natural disasters
  • Defends against wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Minimizes operational downtimes and cleanup for quicker business recovery
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If you’re interested in installing ballistic-resistant window film for your San Antonio property, please contact our office. Our team of security experts include ballistic specialists and structural engineers– we excel in security film installs and are looking forward to helping you with your next project!

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