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Bomb-Blast Window Film for San Antonio Properties

Violent crimes have always been a concern for larger cities, including San Antonio. As violent crime rates increase, bomb-blast film presents a budget-friendly solution for commercial properties, secured buildings, schools, arenas, and many more public buildings. Bomb-blast window film keeps building occupants safe by mitigating high impact broken glass hazards.

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About Bomb-Blast Protection Security Film Systems

Bomb-blast protection window film is a type of security window system that’s designed to absorb high impact in order to protect building occupants and property valuables from blast-related events. This security film is applied in layers and is reinforced with a security attachment system in order to keep it in place and add durability. During impact, the bomb-blast film absorbs energy and dissipates it sideways instead of allowing it to concentrate in one area, preventing the glass from bursting apart into shards.

Advantages of Bomb Blast Protection Tint for Austin and San Antonio Commercial Properties

Bomb-blast window film is a great security investment that provides comprehensive protection. These numerous advantages include:

  • Absorbing impact from high impact events and bonding broken glass fragments together
  • Mitigates broken glass and flying debris hazards, providing occupant protection alongside easier cleanup
  • Prevents glass shrapnel from injuring or killing building occupants
  • Deters intruders by creating a tear-resistant barrier for glass doors and windows
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Bomb-blast film provides ultimate peace-of-mind for San Antonio property owners. Ensure safety and security for building occupants and valuables– call today for a free consultation regarding your safety concerns.

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