Bird collisions are a serious issue in most big cities and unfortunately San Antonio is no exception. Over 200 species of birds call the National Parks near San Antonio their home and frequently make their way into human populated areas.

While we may enjoy seeing birds fly around our city and perch on the window sills of our homes and buildings, the fact is that this is a very dangerous situation for birds. In fact, it’s deadly. Birds collide with glass walls, windows, and skylights that they cannot see, instantly breaking their necks and crashing to their death.

That’s why it’s important to take measures to protect birds in the San Antonio area. These bird collision prevention window film options can make our city a safer place for our feathered friends.

Bird Collision Prevention Window Film: What It Is & How It Works

Bird collision prevention window film is a relatively new technology, but it’s been gaining popularity in recent years. More attention has been called to bird collisions by animal rights activists and environmentalists. City governments, too, are realizing that bird collisions are a serious issue. Many cities are starting to enact laws that require construction companies and architectural firms to put bird safety measures in place.

Bird safety film is a special mechanism designed to stop bird collisions. San Antonio property owners can install bird collision prevention window film on virtually any glass area of their home or building where a bird could get hurt. The eye-catching designs on the film help birds identify glass so that they don’t fly into it.

Check out this brochure to learn more: bird-collision-prevention-window-film-san-antonio

The Best Bird Collision Prevention Window Film Options

When you’re looking for a bird collision prevention window film, the most important thing to consider is durability. A durable film will last longer and look better on your windows. Here are a few options we recommend for San Antonio properties:

  • Solyx Horizontal Bird Safety Film
  • Solyx Vertical Bird Safety Film
  • Solyx Trellis Bird Safety Film
  • Solyx Frosted Dot Bird Safety Film
  • Feather Friendly from 3M

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