As a homeowner, you may think you don’t need safety glass in your home or that safety and security window film is for commercial spaces only.  But the truth is–we here at San Antonio Window Tinting install safety and security window film on homes and businesses alike.  This is because safety window film offers a world of benefits to homeowners and business owners alike.  The benefits and films may vary slightly between homes and commercial locations but the end goal of safety is the same.

Safety and Security Window Film for Protection Against Natural Disaster

Safety and security window films is powerful enough to stop most high-velocity projectiles like bullets and bombs.  But it also can be used to stop flying debris from severe storms.  From tree branches to rocks thrown about during a hurricane, tornado –window film keeps the shattered glass intact. The biggest cause of injury to humans during a natural disaster is flying glass.  So, when the glass is kept soundly adhered to a safety window film–you and your family stay safer.  

Home safety and security window films Protect against accidents  

Glass is one of the biggest causes of tragic home accidents.  Plate glass windows, glass in slippery/wet areas like showers, or on balconies are all areas where grievous injuries due to glass occur. A simple and affordable way to make these areas safer and a workaround for installing tempered glass is window film.

Home safety and security window films Protect From UV Rays

Broken glass is dangerous but the rays of the sun are the real threat in your San Antonio home. The untreated glass of your windows does not stop the harmful rays of the sun. While safety and security window film is excellent protection from the dangers of breaking/broken glass–it also protects from UV rays too. In fact, it has an SPF 1000 which will help reduce the harmful effects of the sun like skin and eye diseases or cancers.

For more information on the benefits of safety and security film for your San Antonio home, contact us at San Antonio Window Tint today!