With so many heat control window films on the market, it can be hard to choose one. Since different films work through different mechanisms, like reflection and absorption, it gets even more confusing. Plus, the materials vary: ceramic, polyester, and metal are three of the most common. Also, every major brand has at least 2-6 selections in each series too. So with so many to choose from–how do you know which ones do the best job at controlling heat? Read which ones a professional window tinter like us think are best below.

Window Films That Perform Best In The Heat

Enerlogic 35: While reflective films and EnerLogic window films save energy through advanced cooling. Meaning the film significantly cuts down on radiant heat. But EnerLogic window film goes a step further. It also reduces radiant heat from external sources of heat that surround your window. So you get some of the biggest saves from this film on summer cooling bills.

3M Prestige: Many times window films that reject heat are dark. The 3M Prestige series films are non-metallic–so they are clear. This means, not only do they dramatically cut down on radiant heat–but look good doing it too. One of the first films to offer clear non-metalized film selections–3M is a brand you can trust to be an effective heat reducer for your windows. 

LLumar: Dual-Reflective Series: These films are more reflective on the outside than they are on the inside. This gives you heat control and better views day and night. These films are, therefore, perfectly suited for application on homes in areas with a lot of sun.

Hanita OptiLite 75 Xtra: This film uses a subtle blue-colored tint to filter 88% of heat build-up. This keeps San Antonio homes cooler but still lets in a ton of natural light. This “SolarZone Spectrally Selective Film” provides comfort, style, and blocks 99% of UV rays–the same rays that cause your furniture and floors to fade.

SolarGard ECOLUX 70: One of the most advanced solar-heat-reducing products on the market today, ECOLUX 70 lets in 68% of natural light but still keeps out 52% of the sun’s energy. This puts more money in your pocket during warm and cold months from utility savings!

Hüper Optik Therm-X Films: Using a proprietary blend of metals, this high-tech film is one of the best on the market for cutting back solar heat gain. It allows in copious visible too–while still reducing HVAC consumption. 

Any of these fine films would make a fine choice for your San Antonio home to reduce heat gain. To find out which one is best for you, schedule a free on-site window consultation and let San Antonio Window Tint help you find out.