Window Film For a Safer San Antonio Area Hotel

As a hotel owner or manager here in San Antonio one of your biggest responsibilities to your guests is keeping them safe.  This goes for everything from secure room locks to safes in rooms and lifeguard staff at pools to security guards throughout the day.  Although you may not know it, the glass in your hotel is actually as big of a menace to guests than many other things–if not give the proper safety treatments.  One such treatment that will remove many of the inherent dangers of the glass on your San Antonio hotel is–window film. This emerging technology pulls double and even triple duty in hotel spaces, many of which keep your guest safe from threats visible and even some invisible too.

3 Security And Safety Benefits Of Window Film

Window Film For Security Against Ballistics Or Bomb Attacks In San Antonio Hotels

The world is a changing place and it seems like lately, things have become more unpredictable with gun attacks and bomb threats/attacks becoming a regular affair.  For this reason, the high-tech security window film is such a very good solution to keep hotel lobby windows and doors protected/reinforced. After being treated with security film and C-bond glass windows struck by a bullet or bomb blast, don’t explode out into shards of deadly glass rather the glass fragments stay adhered to the film.  Making your hotel lobbies and windows safer and more impervious to attack.

Window Film For Accident Protection In Hotels

Slip and falls happen all the time in hotels where because of the sheer amount of glass surrounding areas like pools, saunas, oversized showers, and hot tubs.  Window film keeps glass together even after a guest or employee fall into it. While the window may crack, the glass will not turn into potentially dead large shards, which often times reduces the severity of injuries and even saves lives.

Window Film For UV Protection In Hotels

One of the biggest threats to your guests from the windows on your hotel is actually the sun itself. That’s right, UV rays are proven to cause skin and eye cancers.  So, if left treated, your hotel windows are allowing in potentially deadly and certainly annoying UV rays onto your guests. Not only does this cause eye issues and skin issues but general dissatisfaction with your establishment.  Window film blocks 99.9% of these harmful rays, keeping your guest healthy and happy!


Window Film For a Safer San Antonio Area Hotels

San Antonio Window Film For Security Film In San Antonio

If you own a hotel in the San Antonio area and are convinced that window film may be a good fit for your hotel, there is no better choice for installation than San Antonio Window Film.  With over a decade of experience, we will take on your hotel window film project and get it done quickly and beautifully. For more information on pricing and to schedule a free safety assessment of your hotel, contact us today!